Training Weekly: Chicago week 10/16

Double figures! I tell you what, if you want time to fly, I can thoroughly recommend marathon training. How are we 10 weeks deep and almost into September already? Annoyingly, I’m starting this week not feeling particularly well. It seems that my stomach hates me. So fingers crossed it doesn’t hinder the progress that I wanted to build on from last week. In good news, this week does start with a bank holiday! Bonus.


3.09 miles in 28 mins 37 (Average 9.14mm pace)

30 mins stretching

The tagline to todays recovery run is definitely ‘will run for ice cream’. If you wanted to replicate it, the session looked like this. 2 mile warm up at easy pace. 9 minute ice cream stop. I went for mint choc chip in a pot. Not my usual order, but it was completing a trilogy of bank holiday weekend ice creams so I thought I should branch out. Then 1 mile warm down at an easy pace. Running at it’s best! Topped it off with a 30 minute stretching session.


7.33 miles in 1:04:04 (Average 8.44mm pace)

30 mins gym conditioning session

What to do when your car’s booked in for a service and you have an hour to kill? Let’s be honest, I could have sat in the show room with a coffee. But, that wouldn’t be me, would it! My stomach still wasn’t feeling great so I thought I’d head out for some easy miles to explore a new route rather than punish myself with a full session. The result was 7 very happy trail miles around Canford Heath. I’m not sure why I’ve never run there before really.

Having missed my usual Tuesday morning body pump class, I decided to go to the 5.30pm version. I thought it would be manic, but unfortunately only 2 people showed up, so they decided to cancel it. Slightly annoying when you pay a gym membership, but I made use of the time by venturing into the gym for the first time in months. A bit of a spontaneous session, but it looked like this:

3 rounds of: 10x each leg single leg box jumps, 10x 7KG dumbbell hamstring swings to overhead oblique side bends, 20x single leg calf raises

3 rounds of: 10x 20KG barbell clean to single leg and press on each leg, 10x 20KG barbell bent over rows

3 rounds of: two foot to single leg box jump immediate pistol squat on each leg, 10x reverse lunge with power hop each leg

Finisher- 10x single leg power jumps on box on each leg, 10x double leg box jumps


30 mins pilates

Still not feeling well I decided to hold my intervals for Thursday. So just some theraband type pilates/glute strength work instead.


5 miles with 3 at MP (Average 8.37mm pace)

I still wasn’t feeling the best, so I decided to attempt a 5 mile run with 3 at MP, knowing I could turn it into an easy effort if needed. Actually though, I felt quite good running and it was such a lovely evening on the beach. I’m not sure I really know what marathon pace is anymore, but I was aiming for anything between 8 and 8.20mm pace, so I’m quite happy with 8.00/8.11/8.21 with the beach zig zags in the last mile.


Marathon session 1/5: 1M warm up, 2M HMP, 3 mins easy, 5×2 mins effort with 1 min jog recoveries, 3 mins easy, 2 miles HMP, 1M cool down

1 hour body balance class

The moment had come. I couldn’t put my interval session off any longer, or it was in danger of becoming my long run! And when I say interval session, the next 5 weeks are somewhat intimidating! I have five marathon specific sessions planned, starting with this one today. I really wish I could have given this session a little bit more, because I really enjoyed it. The HMP efforts were comfortable, but I definitely held back on the 2 min efforts as my stomach still felt a little bit suspect. Weirdly, although it was tough, getting your head around constantly changing effort levels, times and paces turns out to be a lot easier than 10, 12 or even 16 reps of the same distance.

My splits were:

Warm up: 9.39mm

2M at HMP: 7.27mm

5×2 min efforts: 6.43/6.33/6.55/6.40/6.42

2M at HMP: 7.31mm

Cool down: 9.31mm

Total: 8.57 miles in 1:09:46 (Average 8.09mm pace)

Then I recovered with an outing to body balance and a walk around the night show at the air festival. Happy Friday!


6 miles including Poole Parkrun (and a new PB in 22:49!)

A couple of weeks ago, I had set my sights on a new PB at Poole this weekend. It’s known to be flat and fairly fast, especially when compared to the sharp hills and tree roots of Bournemouth. Unfortunately though, after feeling pretty ropey all week, I knew I had to take the pressure off. I thought I’d started fairly far forward, but the pace of my first mile was dictated by people around me. I even had to stop briefly to help a lady who’s inadvertently pushed her pushchair into the lake! And there’s me thinking I was queen of running the tangents! Despite that, it flashed up at 7.36. Exactly the same as my first mile during last weeks PB. So, I knew I had to keep going. The reward was a 7 second PB.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited by that. But that’s actually not far off my half marathon pace! I can’t wait to come back to Poole with fresh legs and feeling well and really attack a fast (for me) time. I reckon I’m capable of a sub 22 in a few weeks, if I can just get over this stomach drama!


Rest day

Yes, you read it right. I got up, ate my porridge. Faffed around, then had a total melt down because I really wanted to run, but I knew I just didn’t feel well enough. So long run day became a rest day. We did go for a lovely dog walk through the parks in Poole with lunch on the Quay. But I still missed my long run!

I’m not sure why I keep having these alternating ‘good’ then ‘bad’ weeks. And if I don’t break the pattern and find some consistency, then Chicago is going to fall on a ‘bad week’……

Time to try and turn things around.


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