Training Weekly: Chicago week 11/16

So, this good week, bad week cycle is getting old now. Fingers crossed it does at least mean this week should be a better one, but it also means Chicago falls in a ‘bad week’, and I really need to break the cycle. Over the next seven days, I’m targeting two key sessions. Tuesdays killer marathon session and a long run of 20 miles, which I think I might do on Friday. Meanwhile my stomach still isn’t great, so I’m waiting to see what me GP suggests on Friday. Fingers crossed it’s nothing dramatic…. and it’s just ME being dramatic! Wouldn’t be the first time….


3.04 miles in 28.31 (Average 9.21mm pace)

30 mins stretching

I went to work with two working knees and left with a really sharp pain and feeling of total instability in my left. I did nothing! So, even though it felt major, I decided I wasn’t going to panda too it and headed out for some chatty, easy miles with my husband. Luckily, it actually felt slightly better afterwards. Then I finished the day with some stretching while the jacket potatoes took 5 light years to cook. This is the only time I ever miss having a microwave!


Marathon session 2/5: 1 mile WU, 20 mins at HMP, 3 mins easy, 5×4 mins effort with 2 min jog recoveries, 3 mins easy, 20 mins at HMP, 1.5 mile CD

Well this was a session and a half! A 12 mile interval session. It’s probably for the best that I didn’t realise that before I started, or I’d have totally psyched myself out. I’m actually really proud with how I’m handling these sessions in the last couple of weeks. Combining a tempo run with some intervals has somehow made me less fearful of either.

Today, I’m super happy with my 20 min tempo blocks. Although the first was probably a bit too quick, it did include a downhill section onto the beach. I was aiming to keep my 4 minute efforts just below 7mm pace, so the first two were a bit slower than I’d have liked. They were into a fairly hefty headwind though. The last 20 min tempo block was a real test of mental strength, as it was designed to be, but I’m really happy that I didn’t give up. So all in all, a decent session.

My splits are below:


6 miles in 53.02 (Average 8.50mm pace)

I love this time of year. 5 beautiful, chilled miles watching the sunset. Then 1 final mile in the pitch black in the pouring rain. Where did that even come from??


30 minute core strengthening

After the worst night sleep, I just couldn’t make myself get up for grit. That’s 2 weeks in a row too. I REALLY need to get back on the strength training because I’ve definitely let it fall by the wayside over the last fortnight, and I know it helps my running. So, just a quiet evening of after work pilates.


7 mile progression run in 58.08 (Average 8.16mm pace)

1 hour body balance

9.05/8.40/8.34/7.57/7.55/7.55/7.49. Damn that 6th mile! I was going to do my long run today, but my stomach/pelvic pains were back with a bit of a vengeance, so instead I decided to go out for what was either going to be an easy run, or a progressive run.

The first two miles were naturally progressive, the third was a surprise considering the huge hill it contained. Mile 4 was where it all went wrong! I was aiming for 8.20 pace, but my legs felt good and i accidentally threw in a 7.57. Well, that didn’t really leave me anywhere to go. By mile 5, I felt like I was starting to work and cursed myself for the lack of control that was mile 4. Still, those 2 seconds meant that the flush was still on. Then, there was mile 6. I’m blaming the three gates I had to stop and open and close along the river path. The final mile was just a push for home. My plan suggested I aim for 9mm pace progressing to the last 2 miles sub 8mm pace. So looking at that, I’m taking it as a success.

In other news, don’t drink a pint of coffee and then go out for a run kids. Or at least, if you do, wear headphones so you don’t have to listen to it sloshing around in your stomach for the first half hour. Lovely.


6.62 miles including Bournemouth Parkrun in 25 mins 15

Just a nice easy effort at Parkrun this morning….. until I got tangled in a sprint finish! Also met an interesting chap who came over to ask me if I run on the beach on Tuesdays as he always sees me. Then he went on to comment on how good my arm action is! Possibly the most random compliment I’ve ever received. To be honest, there’s not much to compliment on my running style, so I’ll take it!

Celebrated Saturday morning with an almond croissant from M’s….. obviously!


Rest day

Urgh! For the second week in a row, I got up feeling fine, made my porridge and didn’t get any further. I think today was the most scared I’ve ever been about my health. I just don’t understand how one minute I’m running at parkrun fairly happily, and 24 hours later, I’m semi conscious on the bathroom floor in a pool of sweat. Luckily, my GP was great on Friday and so I’ve got some tests coming up, but today, there was no was on this earth than 20 miles was on the cards.

At the minute, I have no idea what all of this means for Chicago, but I do know that being healthy is my number 1 priority. So, I’m planning to take each day as it comes and just do what my body will allow me to do. Now I’ve come to terms with that, it’s actually sort of liberating!

Hope you’ve had a good week, and a huge well done to everyone who ran amazingly at the New Forest marathon and Great North Runs today. Charlotte Purdue is officially my hero!

See you next week x

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