Training Weekly: Chicago week 12/16

After Sunday’s disaster, and a second failed long run in as many weeks, I’m not sure where all this is going. Will I end up making it to the Chicago start line? Right now, I really don’t know. But I am determined to find a balance between listening to my body, and not giving up.


30 mins stretching

As there didn’t seem to be a huge amount of point in doing a recovery run from what ended up being a recovery day on Sunday (you can see why here), I abandoned my usual Monday 5K in favour of a quiet home stretching session.

Oh, and yes, I’m wearing my PJ top.


Marathon session 3/5: 1M WU, 24 mins/18 mins/12 mins/6 mins/3 mins with 3 min jog recoveries,1M CD

1 hour body pump class

Having not done a single bit of strength training in the last few weeks, I really wanted to get back to body pump. Unfortunately the instructors have changed, and the lady covering was so cautious. We weren’t allowed more than 10KG on the bar for the warm up, and then were told that we couldn’t do the dynamic lunges with a bar because it’s against health and safety. Even though that is the actual Les Mills choreography. Oh well, it felt good to be back.

This weeks marathon session was another whopper. With the added delight of taking place after I’d killed my legs off at body pump. One of the most frustrating thing about my current medical issues, are that when I can run, I’m actually running really well. I was aiming to do the 24 mins at marathon pace, then wind up through the following sets targeting half marathon pace, 10K pace, 5K pace and then whatever the hell I had left!

For me, that should have looked like this: 8mm/7.30mm/7.15mm/7mm/6.30mm.

My actual efforts were: 7.50mm/7.27mm/7.11mm/7.04mm/6.49mm. The first 24 minutes felt the easiest that marathon pace has ever felt. The 18 minutes wasn’t too bad either to be honest. And I’m happy with how consistently I’m holding HMP over these last few sessions. I’m a bit indifferent to the 12 minute rep. Then after that, it got tough. And I’m a bit disappointed in my last two efforts. I was hoping to get much closer to 6.55 and 6.30. BUT, with everything that’s going on at the minute, I’m just grateful that I could run at all, let alone hit a full session. I celebrated with a planche…… on a giant concrete ball.


3 miles easy in 27.32 (Average 9.08mm pace)

In an effort to listen to my body, I knew deep down that 10 miles was never going yo happen today. In fact I wasn’t going to run at all, and then my husband decided he was. Queue the FOMO! So, I compromised (not usually a word in my vocabulary!!) and did a lovely 3 miler….. and felt much better for it!


Rest day

I just couldn’t drag myself out of bed for grit (again), and equally, I couldn’t drag myself out for an evening run either. Rest day it was then.


5.25 mile run too and from body balance

1 hour body balance class

After spending the morning at the opticians being prodded and tested, and then an afternoon at the Nuffield hospital for various tests, including a completely normal ultrasound scan which made me think I was making a fuss about nothing, even though I know there’s a million things that could still be causing my stomach pains, I needed top get outside.

I’m starting to come to terms with easing back on the pressure and just taking each day as it comes, and so rather than the 9 miler with 2x5k MP efforts, I decided to run to body balance, rather than join the rat run and drive. The result was 5.5 gloriously easy miles at sunset and a fun balance class to top it off. As a result, Friday ended with me feeling calmer, happier and just much more, well….. balanced.


6.5 miles including Bournemouth Parkrun in 24.33 (Average 8.04mm pace)

These Saturday miles absolutely fly by. As usual, I arrived at the start just in time to hear ‘good morning runners’…. 8.59 then! Parkrun was a comfortable effort to finish 16th out of 217 women and 4th in age. I’m happy with how consistently I finish inside the top 15-20 these days without pushing hard. In the potential absence of Autumn marathons (oh god, I said it) I’m looking forward to running a bit harder with less worry about destroying my legs for Sundays long run.


18.09 miles in 2:41:03 (Average 8.53mm pace)

Well, let’s be honest, after last Sunday morning of fainting on the bathroom floor with the worst stomach pains I’ve ever experienced, ANYTHING this Sunday brought had to be better. I set off without knowing whether I was aiming for 3 miles or 20. My A goal was to make it for Longham lakes. Somewhere I’ve wanted to run too for a really long time and as I was feeling okay, I decided to not worry about pace and just see how far I got. As you can see from the picture……. I made it! And they didn’t disappoint. Beautifully blue, completely peaceful and a ton of wildlife. You can run a complete circuit of the lakes, which I did before heading back.

The return was tough. It was 23 degrees with no shade and my lack of recent long runs really noticed. In the end, I stopped for an emergency chocolate milk and toughed it out. 18 miles in the bank, which in my current ‘day by day’ planning, I can’t really complain at. I also felt surprisingly okay afterwards and spend a lovely Sunday eating ice cream on the beach and then homemade apple pie with friends.

And that concludes another week. 45.7 miles is my highest in a while, and as I’ve said, with everything going on at the minute, I’m grateful for each and every mile. Again, I have no giant plans for next week….. although I am racing a half marathon in Winchester. One day at a time, Hannah, one day at a time!

Hope you’ve had a great week, training and otherwise!


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