Training Weekly: Chicago week 2/16

After a much better first week of marathon training than I was expecting, I’m actually quite excited to build on it this week. It’s going to be a busy one. I don’t know about you, but I always feel like the summer is more social. We are definitely busier in the evenings and that can make fitting training in more of a challenge. I’m also off to a friends wedding on Saturday, which means that I’ll get to do my long run, albeit slightly hung over, in Bristol. So, here we go with my best attempt at juggling!


3 miles easy in 27 mins 04 (Average 8.57mm pace)

30 mins stretching

My first run in the new shoes that I’m hoping will carry me around not one, but two marathons this October. Yes, you read that right. TWO marathons. Confession time! Today I had a slight accident. I went innocently to work as usual only to find that by lunch time, a friend had entered us both into Dublin marathon, and booked flights!!! So, having wondered if I’d be able to run two marathons this year, I’m now running three. Whoops!

With Chicago and Dublin only two weeks apart, obviously, I don’t plan to race them both. My plan is still to race Chicago and then see how I recover. But I am excited to do some more sight seeing as I haven’t actually been to Ireland since I was a teenager.

Anyway, that somewhat overshadowed my new shoes! I’ve gone for Asics Kayano’s which are the plusher version of the GT2000’s that I have always loved. I just found that the newer 2000’s irritate my achilles whereas these are far softer. They felt great. Maybe a little tight across my somewhat deformed forefoot, but most new shoes feel like that until I’ve worn them a couple of times, so I’m optimistic. 3 easy miles clocked with my husband for company. Then home to make quesadillas with our leftover BBQ haul, and get some much needed stretching in. Thanks Monday, you’ve been….. unexpected!


6 miles inc. 3×1 mile repeats with 3 mins jog recovery 

1 hour body pump class

I don’t really feel like Tuesday’s work for me, but I’m not sure what to do about it. Here’s the dilemma. Tuesday is the logical day to do some strength work. But, if I don’t get my intervals in before body pump at 10.30, then they will be a lot harder afterwards. I could just use the gym, but I do like body pump. Equally I can only use the track early. Like, 6.30am early. And I just can’t persuade my legs that they want to run fast at that time of the morning without any fuel. So as a result, I either do what I did today and go out at about 9.15 after dropping off my husband at work, and then arrive at pump a sweaty mess on shaky Bambi legs, or I split the two sessions completely, but then feel like I’ve spent my whole day either training, or waiting to train! Help!

Anyway, today was the dreaded mile repeats. Having missed my opportunity on the track, I headed to the beach. The result to be honest is a combination of my lack of current fitness, the headwind when I turned around, and going out too hard for the first effort. I clocked 6.52/6.58/7.07. And I knew the last effort wasn’t cutting it, but I just couldn’t turn it around. I am happy though, that after 7 weeks out with injury (have I mentioned that???) I could still sub 7 minute mile (just!).

After a banana in the car and the air con on FULL blast to try and improve on my beetroot faced look, I headed to the gym. I did actually enjoy body pump. Current effort is: squat-20KG, chest- 12KG, back- 20KG, triceps 5KG/2.5KGs, biceps 2.5KGs, lunge 10KG, shoulders 10KG/2.5KGs. Comfortably hard. Then I celebrated finishing with a Gigi’s coconut ice cream on the beach. Heaven!


5 miles in 43 mins 28 (Average 8.39mm pace)

5 easy, sunny miles to clear my head after a busy day at work. Less about marathon training and more about just loving being out. Or is it the same thing?


30 mins grit strength

If this class wasn’t at 6.30am when my brain was too asleep to anything other then blindly follow my body, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t go! It’s HARD! I’d love to tell you what we did, but it’s almost like I’m too traumatised to remember! Some disgusting combination of cleans, front squats, lunges, burpees and floor to ceiling jumps with some other delights thrown in for good measure.

The best bit about training in the morning though, is that it leaves your evenings free for frozen yoghurt in the park!


30 mins core strength work

1.8 miles in 15 mins 52 (Average 8.49mm pace) 

1 hour yoga

3.22 miles in 29 mins 3 secs (Average 9.01mm pace)

This evening, I was about to get in the car to body balance when I suddenly realised it would probably take exactly the same amount of time to run to the gym. So I did! I arrived, slightly sweatier than usual, but with 4 minutes to spare, rushed upstairs, only to find that the class had been cancelled. The risk you pay for playing the dangerous game of not booking online and just winging it that there’s always a space! Doh! Having run to the gym though, I was determined to do something, so I set up a mat in the studio and did my own yoga session. Not quite body balance, but the next best thing. Then I ran the slightly longer way home to round my miles up to the 5 on my plan. Perfect!


Bournemouth parkrun in 24.16 (Average 7.53mm pace) including 1.67 mile run there and 1.83 mile run back. 

Despite having no goals for Parkrun, I somehow managed an accidental second fastest time. I think it might have been the pressure to be finished, pick up breakfast and get home, changed and beauty-fied all in time to be picked up at 10.30 for a friends wedding. Mission accomplished! Though the beauty-fied bit is open to opinion!

On a side note, I live for those weekly almost croissants. Totally worth the extra 0.15 of a mile!


8.15 miles in 1:21:18 (Average 9.58mm pace)

After a beautiful day celebrating Anna and JJ’s wedding, my friend, Ellie and I woke early and decided to go and explore Bristol. She’s training for a half marathon and needed to get an hour and twenty minutes in. So, rather than my usual rigid schedule, I decided to just go with it. I’m actually quite proud of myself for being flexible for once. And, I had so much more fun sight seeing and chatting my way through a VERY hilly 8 miles, than I would have done trying to stubbornly stick to a faster 12 miler on my own. Anyway, we ran on feel and ended up back at her car ready to drive back to our airbnb for a quick shower before meeting some other friends for brunch. What a perfect end to a lovely weekend.

I did fit an evening 4 miles in to round my days total up to 12, but mostly because it was such a lovely evening and I was falling asleep!

I’ve really loved training this week. 37.8 miles and I finally feel like I successfully achieved a balance between pushing some hard miles when needed, but sitting back and just running for enjoyment during my easier runs. I’m also loving running in the sunshine. I’d totally forgotten that was such a perk of Autumn marathon training. Long may it continue!

Anyway, hope you’ve had a good week, and see you in the next x

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