Training Weekly: London week 11/16

If you read my review of last week, then you’ll know that I’m starting this one on a huge high, thanks to my new half marathon PB at the Bath half. I need to get back down to earth pronto though, because with the London marathon now only 6 weeks away, I still have a LOT of work to do. No time to rest on my laurels then. This week I’m travelling a fair bit, and I’m quite excited to make the most of running in some different places. Somehow though, I need to marry my love of exploring with a need to actually follow my training plan. Let’s see how that goes!


30 minutes stretching and a whole lot of walking!

I woke up on Monday morning and was dreading moving, but actually my legs felt surprisingly good. We clocked up 10 miles walking around London and so when my husband wanted to use the hotel gym, I opted to just do some stretching before hitting the spa!


5.37 miles easy in 49:03 (Average 9.07mm pace)

Tuesday is usually my interval day, but a combination of tired legs and wanting an easier pace just to take in the city, meant that I juggled my week around slightly. I’d never ran across Tower Bridge before, and as it’s the iconic halfway point of the London marathon (in miles, not effort!) I wanted to give it a go. This was also a gentle way to test my legs before settling back into full training again.


10 miles easy in 1:27:11 (Average 8.43mm pace)

Slightly more relaxed run views for my run today. I was heading to my parents house in Devon where I grew up and decided to combine it with the 10 miler on my plan. I started running in 2009 when I lived in Honiton and running a mixture of my old routes felt really nostalgic. I’ve knocked 42 minutes off my half marathon time in those 10 years which, I’d never have believed back then.

I thought this run was going to be a real struggle, but actually the miles ticked by really quickly. I had, however, forgotten that Honiton sits in the centre of a valley surrounded by gigantic hills. There were 970 feet of elevation in that 10 mile run! And that 10.26mm mile 7 actually put me 7th on the Strava segment, as a measure of how tough it is!

It was one of those runs that left me feeling amazing though, and sitting with my mum having coffee and homemade cake made the hills completely worthwhile.


Intervals: 4×1 mile repeats with 400m (150 seconds) jog recoveries. 7 miles in total.

I was dreading this session. Mile repeats hurt and I just couldn’t pysch myself up. To be honest, I can’t quite work out whether the tiredness from Sunday’s half marathon effort is setting in, or I’m starting to get a cold. Hence it was 3pm when I finally managed to talk myself out of the front door. Thankfully, my legs were way more cooperative than I thought they’d be. My target time for each mile repeat was 7 minutes, and I felt completely in control throughout, and hit my pace. I even lost about 5 seconds on the third repeat due to a playful collie dog!

Now to hit the vitamin C, just in case.


Rest day

I was planning body pump and balance today as I feel like I haven’t done any strength training in forever. Having developed a really irritating cold though, I decided the more sensible option would be to just rest completely. I did take a trip to Waitrose and relieve them of all vitamin C containing foods! Here’s hoping!


Rest day

Bleurgh! I’m so gutted not to be at parkrun this morning. Although as it turned out, someone from the council disappeared with they key to the cupboard that stores all the equipment so it was officially cancelled anyway. Still gutted, not to mention very grumpy that I went to bed thinking I felt better and work up 100 times worse!


30 mins stretching

Although I did thankfully wake up feeling a bit better, my heart rate was still sky high and even though my body was trying to tempt me out the front door, I just knew it wasn’t sensible.

Annoyingly, I’d planned a really nice route around Moors valley for 14 miles to finish with the rabbit run trail 10K. So i’m also gutted that it’s my first DNS of 2019. The bigger picture though, is that London is the goal, not the 10K rabbit run.

I just feel I’ve lost all momentum and with only 5 weeks to go until London (including a taper), I’ve never felt so unfit! And it feels like forever since I’ve done a long run. I know that in reality, it will only take me a decent session to feel back on track, so I’m trying not to panic…yet!

So, from the mega highs of last weeks half marathon PB to the lows of spending the last three days only being able to breathe through one nostril. Marathon training….. you really do bring it all!

Here’s hoping next week is a better one!

Hannah x

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