Training Weekly: London week 12/16

I’m sooooo ready for this week to be better than the last. I’ve been having a HUGE wobble about my goal/dream of a sub 3.30 in London, and I really need to start convincing myself that it’s possible. The next three weeks are going to be make or break, so, with no races planned and no more galavanting on holiday, I’m concentrating on straight up, good ‘ole fashioned hard work. And I’m excited about it. It’s time to crack on.


5 miles easy in 43 mins 09 (average 8.36mm pace)

Having not run for 3 days and with the remnants of my cold still hanging on, I wanted to give my legs a chance to remember what to do before Tuesdays brutal 8×800’s. This felt slightly harder than I was hoping, but I guess that’s to be expected as I’m still recovering. It was also my return to the 6am club. And it was light. Not just light, it was sunny. I already feel better!

30 mins stretching

Mondays involve a 10+ hour day sitting at a desk which leaves me feeling more broken that most of my training sessions! A good stretch is the perfect antidote, and also one of my favourite ways to unwind.


8x800m with 90 seconds jog recoveries (7 miles total)

1 hour body pump

After hitting my mile repeats last week, I was fairly confident about running 800’s at the same pace.  That was, until I started! I knew from the second rep that my legs were NOT on board. There was tons of sand on the promenade where it has been so windy, and in both directions I seemed to be fighting the wind.

When the going gets tough though, you have to find something that makes you tougher. Today there were two things. That brilliant blue sky and the feeling on the sun shining on my skin for the first time this year. And telling myself that I wanted this. I even asked for it. I wanted to train hard. So I quit moaning and got it done. I was aiming for around 3.30 per rep (or 7mm pace), and I hit: 3.20/3.23/3.23/3.26/3.26/3.28/3.29/3.29. Job done.

Then I went to body pump, and oh my, I’ve never been so shaky in my life. It was a mish-mash of ALL of the hardest tracks body pump has ever released, or at least that’s how it felt. Oh, and THAT lunge track. Hideous. Tomorrow is going to be the biggest waddle Wednesday in history!


10.08 miles in 1:25:19 (Average 8.27mm pace)

I was dreading this run. My legs were in pieces. Thank goodness there was no pressure on pace. Strangely though, as soon as I got going, I felt really good and ended up running quite a bit faster than I’d meant too. The human body is weird!


Rest day

I had meant to get up early for 6am grit strength, but after finishing Wednesday’s 10 miler at 9pm, my body wasn’t having any of it. Rest day it is then.


7 mile progression run in 56.22 (Average 8.02mm pace)

The plan: Start at 9mm pace, then take it down by 15 secs per mile to end up at 7.30mm.  The reality: 1st mile flashes up at 8.33. Oh shit! Well, that’s spiced things up.

I had to get up and out the door by 6am as I had a date with the dentist for a very unwanted filling and didn’t now how I’d feel about running afterwards. So despite, being fasted, and unable to see much in the thick fog, I held on for a reasonably comfortable royal flush. Although mile 4 ALMOST had me!

1 hour body balance

Ooooo… I missed this last week. Plus my legs were VERY grateful for the stretch.


10K including Bournemouth parkrun in 23.33 (average 7.46mm pace)

Ring that PB bell! I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but apparently I just cannot be trusted to run parkrun easy! This wasn’t flat out effort to be fair, and it’s still slower than my HMP, but as my parkrun PB time isn’t that fast, as soon as I know I’m close to it, I just can’t help myself! So, another accidental PB, taking about 45 seconds off my my current one.

I’m actually really excited to race some 5K’s after London. My current 5K PB is 22.12, and fairly out of line with my other distances. So I’m looking forward to having a crack at attacking it without worrying about the effect on my ability to long run the following day.


20 miles in 2:46:31 (Average 8:19mm pace)

Finally, the confidence boost that I needed. The plan was to go out easy and then try to hit the second 10 miles at marathon pace. And having not really done a long run in what feels like forever, I was really nervous.

I planned a new route out through the New Forest, and to be honest, it absolutely kept me going. I love training for a goal, but I’m so excited to be able to go out for a long run with no pressure on pace so that I can just explore again. Anyway, all of the last 10 miles were sub 8mm pace and I can’t tell you how much better it’s made me feel. I even found some New Forest ponies for company.

And that’s a wrap! My highest (ever, i think) mileage week of 55.5 miles, and boy has it come at the right time. I REALLY needed the confidence boost. To be honest, I’m super proud of my legs for hitting every session, from 800m intervals to a new parkrun PB and then the marathon paced miles at the end of my 20 miler. It’s re-ignited the belief that that sub 3.30 just might just still be possible.

Next week is going to start with my toughest interval session to date, and end with a 22 miler including the Bournemouth Bay half at marathon pace. Oh lord!

Just two more weeks of grafting. Hang in there legs! I promise to make it up to you afterwards!

Hannah x


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