Training Weekly: London week 4/16

Well, I seem to have survived yesterday’s 8 mile gamble! To be honest, I’ve lost track of what hurts. Don’t get me wrong, nothing is terrible. It’s just that equally, nothing feels quite right. This is LONDON though, and so rightly or wrongly, I’m plodding on into week four. Let’s see how it goes….


30 mins gym work, 30 mins stretching

Last week I did grit cardio and really enjoyed it, but having done an 8 mile Sunday ‘long run’, I wanted to reduce the impact on my foot a bit. Instead, I did a half hour strengthening session in the gym. The January craziness hasn’t fully died down yet, so I found a corner and sucked up the lack of equipment!

4 rounds of: 10 box top step ups with 2x6KG dumbbell, 20 tricep dips, 20 single leg heel raise each leg, 10 press ups, 10x 6KG single leg dead lift each leg, 10x 6KG hamstring swing throughs.

50 rep finisher for time: 10x 2x6KG squats, 10x single arm 6KG snatch each side, 10x 2x6KG squats, 10x jumping lunges

Then I did my usual stretching session in the evening.


5 miles easy run in 45 minutes 58 seconds (average 9.11mm pace)

I love getting up and running first thing. This morning I did a very chilly 5 miles with a bit of off roading thrown in for good measure. The best bit was coming home to a massive bowl of porridge to get warm again.

Normally at this point in a marathon build up, I’d be heading to the track for some serious (and scary) intervals. Part of me is super jealous of everyone who is, and the other part of me is just so happy to be running again and loving the lack of pressure. Does anyone else have this constant battle? I always start by just running for enjoyment, and before I know it my competitive streak has taken over and I’m caught up in a world of vomit inducing splits! (And loving every minute, for the record!)

1 hour body pump

The excuse list included, not wanting to leave the dog on his own to get lonely, the fact that you can NEVER park at the gym on a Tuesday, and a promise to go next week, but in the end I found some motivation and got myself to body pump. I’m still not loving it, but I do think this release may be a bit of a slow burner. I don’t think it was quite as dull as last week.


5.01 miles progression-ish run in 44 mins 15 seconds (average 8.49mm pace)

I ran this one with Dan, my husband. Or at least the first two miles. Then he peeled off to head home and I did another three. I was feeling quite good, so got a bit excited and turned it into a progression run. Splits were 9.40/ 8.49/ 8.55/ 8.28/ 8.15. Damn that mile two for ruining my royal flush! I am started to tune back into what pace I’m running though which is good.

I found some fairy lights, and since I missed out on the Christmas light selfies due to injury, I couldn’t resist!


30 mins grit strength

Two things got me to 6am grit. A remote start and heated seats. Had I have had to stand in the freezing cold chipping the ice off my car, I definitely would have stayed in bed. I know that -4 is normal winter weather to a lot of people, but for us Southerners, it feels like Antartica!

Grit strength was tough this week. I missed part of the first track because I was in the process of wimping out and swapping my 2.5KG’s for 1’s. Then gave myself a massive talking too and got caught putting the 2.5’s back on again! In the end I did do with whole class with a 15KG bar.


A snowy 3.11 miles easy run in 28 mins 57 seconds (average 9.18mm pace)

After having way more snow than we were expecting, I decided driving to the gym at 6.30 for grit plyo might not be my smartest move. So instead I went slightly off plan with an easy 3 miler, let’s be honest, because I just wanted to play in the snow like a child!

1 hour body pump class

I’m still loving this release. It’s my favourite my to start the weekend. This week I refuelled by meeting a friend at a new Moroccan restaurant near us for a delicious tagine. Friday night, done right!


5.01 miles easy in 44 minutes 02 seconds (average 8.47mm pace)

Sadly both Bournemouth and Poole parkruns were cancelled due to the icy conditions, so instead I went out for my own run in the park. It was one of those bitter but sunny mornings where it was just lovely to be out.


Long run: 10.05 miles in 1 hour 30 minutes and 29 seconds (average 9mm pace)

Oh hello double figures! Boy, it’s good to have you back. After last weeks successful 8 miler, I was excited to try and make it to 10 this week. I went to bed on Saturday night feeling like I was coming down with the dreaded lurgy, but luckily I woke up feeling much better than expected. So I decided to go for it and just keep my heart rate low.

10 miles actually felt strangely easy and although my back is still a bit niggly and I get a weird nervy twinge in the outside of my leg every now and again, I’m feeling better each week despite ramping up training. Fingers crossed that continues.

1 hour body balance

Plus a bit of foam rolling to finish off another week.

Somehow we’re now a quarter of the way through the build up to London. This week has been a solid one for me. My weekly mileage is back up at just over 28. I survived 5 runs and finished with a decent long run. I’m still not where I wanted to be, but equally I’m in a much better place than I thought I’d be at the start of January.

Hopefully, I can spend the next 8 weeks not only increasing my long run, but also injecting some pace back into some of my sessions. I’m still not sure where this journey to London is going to end up, but I’m now at a point where I’m enjoying finding out!

P.s. as proof that you never know what’s around the corner….. running in the snow was DEFINITELY not something that had crossed my mind when I wrote my weekly intro on Monday.

Anyway, so many people are smashing training at the minute. I loved watching everyones PB’s at the Winter run series today. Seriously impressive/inspiring. I hope you’ve had another great week, and see you next time.

Hannah x

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