Training weekly no. 18: Strength week 2/6

After a fairly slow first week, I’m soooo ready to hit this week running. Terrible pun intended!


30 minutes single leg control work and 30 mins yoga

I’m really loving this session each week. Although it’s hard, it’s not the painful kind of hard that gives me butterflies beforehand. The thing I love the most though, is that I can literally make it up as I go along. I obviously have a rough idea of what I want to do, but the crazier and more imaginative the exercise the better, and I really like that challenge. Today I did:

3 rounds of: 10x reverse lunge immediate power hop on each leg. 10x single leg deadlift through to heel raise with 6KG dumbbell.

3 rounds of: 20 jumping lunges. 10x reverse lunge with external twist using 6KG dumbbell on each side. 20 jumping lunges. 20 single leg heel raises each leg.

3 rounds of: 10x bosu ball single leg squats. 5x bosu ball single leg deadlift. 10x 6KG single arm dumbbell hamstring swings through to side bend each side.

Finisher- 3×5 single leg tuck jumps each leg. 1×3 broad hop on one leg immediately into full pistol squat on each leg.

Then I just did a nice half hour stretching session after work as I felt really stiff after sitting in the car for 10 hours last weekend.


Body pump

My first outing for the new release, and in fact probably the first time I’ve done body pump in a couple of months. Giving that I wanted to be able to walk for the rest of the week, I thought I’d better play it safe. To be honest though, this release is far tougher on the upper body than legs. That biceps track!


5 miles easy in 43 mins 03 seconds (average 8.35mm pace)

Alarm set for 6am, and out of the front door at 6.09. BAM, that’s a new PB right there! 10 hours at work and a leaving meal to go too afterwards meant that it was 6am or never, so I decided to get out of the house before my legs woke up enough to protest.

The only slight disappointment for this run is that by the time I got home at 6.45 it was still pitch black. No longer do you get the pleasure of watching the sunrise for your efforts to join the 6am club.


Rest day

I did actually want to go to 6.30am grit strength, but I couldn’t make myself get out of bed in time after a late night, so I opted for a spontaneous rest day instead.


Long run: 13.15 miles in 1 hour 50 minutes and 39 seconds (average 8.25mm pace)

My first double digit run since Bournemouth, and in fact probably my longest run since Edinburgh in May (albeit by only 0.05 of a mile!) I had no goals for this run other than exploring the New Forest. Having said that, I’m actually really happy with the pace considering most of it was on gravel type tracks, and sometimes not even that. The fact that 8.30 pace is starting to feel fairly easy makes me slightly less scared about going into my next cycle where marathon pace is going to need to be sub 8mm. Eeek!

The New Forest is such a beautiful place to run, I’m not really sure why it’s taken me this long to go adventuring. I’ve actually written a running the New Forest post, that’s how much I enjoyed this run!


30 min spin, 30 mins grit plyo

Why have I not done a virtual class before? My gym has been running them along side the normal programme for about 6 months and it means that there are continuous classes all day. Which is how I ended up doing spin and grit plyo at 6.45pm on a Saturday night!

I had the entire studio to myself and you just get the equipment you need and follow the pre-recorded Les Mills video. I’ve not done Grit plyo since April time, mostly because the only class was at 6.30am on a Friday. I think that’s about to change though. Firstly, I’d forgotten that it’s my favourite of the grit trio, and secondly it’s basically just lots of explosive, rebound exercise. Everything from single leg box jumps to one arm burpees and weighted reverse lunge snatches to 180 turning snow board jumps with one foot on the box. I’d forgotten how great I found it for building leg power in a functional way. Not to mention it’s half an hour of sending your heart rate through the roof!


6 mile easy run in 50 mins 43 seconds (average 8.27mm pace)

It didn’t feel right going a whole week without running along the beach, and the best thing about having done my long run on Friday was that I could pretty much go with the flow for anything between 3 and 6 miles today. It was such a beautiful evening that I decided to do my favourite loop, out along the river and back on the beach. And all whilst watching the most stunning sunset. It’s definitely starting to feel wintery out there now.

I’m really happy with this week’s training. 24 miles, all at a comfortable pace, and three really good cross training sessions. 8.30 pace feels like I’m floating along at the moment too, which I’m hoping lasts. Fingers crossed for more of the same next week.

One last question. Would it be super stupid to enter the Berlin ballot for September, when I’m running Chicago in October? Asking for a friend!

Anyway, hope you’ve all had a really great week. Stay warm, and see you next week!

Hannah x

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